Census 2021

One third of dwellings in Czechia are connected to remote heating, more than two thirds has piped gas available

The CZSO has published another set of data on occupied dwellings from the 2021 Census results. The data is newly available on the connection of the dwellings to gas and water supply and data on the heating of the dwelling.

Technical facilities of dwellings such as piped water or piped gas in the dwelling or central heating of dwelling are increasing over time. At the regional and especially the local level, there are significant differences in several characteristics which the Census, because it is a full field and complete survey, can capture and therefore provide interesting territorial detail.

According to 2021 Census results more than two thirds of the occupied dwellings have piped gas in dwelling. The vast majority of them has gas from a public supply network, the remaining minimum then from house gas reservoir. The share of dwellings with piped gas between regions differs significantly; while in Jihočeský region less than a half of the occupied dwelling has piped gas, in Moravskoslezský and Jihomoravský regions it is more than four fifths.

Piped water in dwelling is already commonplace, with more than 99% of the occupied dwellings in all regions using it at the time of the Census. The majority of dwellings have a water supply from the public water network, in urbanised areas such as Prague this figure is as high as 99%. However, particularly in regions with a high share of family houses and rural settlements, a significant proportion of the population also uses a private water source, i.e. their own well. More than a tenth of the occupied dwellings with piped water in Středočeský and Plzeňský regions had only a private water source.

Nine out of ten occupied dwellings in the Czech Republic are heated by central heating. Approximately one third of the occupied dwellings have central remote heating from a heating plant or a community heating centre, another third use central dwelling heating with their own source only for the dwelling, and one fifth of the occupied dwellings have central house heating. Gaseous fuels or energy from a community heating centre, without distinction of fuel, is most often used as the main type of energy for heating.

The published results in the form of tables and cartograms up to the level of regions are available on the website scitani.cz. The data for all territorial units up to the level of municipalities and municipality or administrative districts are available in the CZSO Public Database.