Census 2021

The Statistical Geoportal is also available in English

The Czech Statistical Office has now published the complete content of the Statistical Geoportal in English. This news will be especially appreciated by users of the Geoportal from abroad, who visit it in large numbers. English-speaking visitors to the Statistical Geoportal will therefore be able to fully understand its content and make full use of its outputs. The Czech version of the Statistical Geoportal was launched to the public in June this year.

The Statistical Geoportal offers users a completely new way of visualizing statistical outputs, currently focusing on the results of the 2021 Census. Specifically, it includes several web applications that enable the display of selected statistical indicators or topics for a specific territory in the form of clear interactive maps. They provide, for example, an overview of which areas of the Czech Republic are home to the most university graduates, seniors, or native-born people, as well as detailed information on various characteristics of houses and dwelling or commuting to schools and work.