Census 2021

Housing arrangements

The number of people living in dwellings in the 2021 Census was over 10.1 million, while the number of people living in institutions such as collective ling quarters, homes for the elderly and student hostels was less than 190 thousand. The number of people living in other housing units (in cottages, unlicensed houses, mobile homes, residence registration offices, etc.) was less than 230 thousand.

in 2001 by permanent residence, in 2011 and 2021 by usual residence


Czech Republic

Year of the Census

Residing population

by housing arrangements

in dwellings in institutions in other housing units


10 230 060 10 101 302 71 181 57 577 x


10 425 064 10 144 961 194 456 85 647 11 496


10 520 441 10 104 385 187 578 228 478 3 726

The share of people living in dwellings was the highest in the Capital City of Prague, where it reached 97.0%, and the lowest in the Karlovarský Region, where it reached 94.5%. On the other hand, the Capital City of Prague had the lowest representation of persons living in other housing units (1.2%) and the Karlovarský Region had the highest representation of such persons (3.3%) as well as the highest in persons living in institutions (2.2%). The highest number of homeless persons are living in the Moravskoslezský Region.

State, Cohesion Region, Region, District, Administrative district of municipality with extended powers, Administrative district of the capital city of Praha, Municipality, City part

ULK ZLK VYS STČ PHA PLK PAK OLK MSK LBK HKK KVK JHM JHČ Počet mužů na 100 žen (index maskulinity) 94,0 97,7 99,0
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