Census 2021

Ownership structure of houses

The most common type of homeowner as of 26 March 2021 was natural persons, who owned 88.3% of all houses in the Czech Republic, for which the type of ownership was collected. The second most common form of ownership was "co-ownership of dwellings (units)", which was recorded for 144,128 houses. For the third consecutive Census, the number of houses owned by housing associations, municipalities and the state continued to decline, together accounting for only 2.3% of the housing stock with known type of owner. For the first time in the history of the Census, the ownership structure of houses was not collected directly from the respondents, but was derived from data recorded in the Cadastre of Real Estate.

in 1991 and 2001 permanently occupied houses, in 2011 and 2021 usually occupied houses

Czech Republic

Year of Census

houses total

by type of owner

legal entity
co-ownership of
dwelling owners
combination of
not identified


1 597 076 1 308 286 213 961 51 835 . . . 254


1 630 705 1 397 924 79 066 41 808 . . . 8 295


1 800 075 1 499 512 48 948 31 509 22 944 137 687 22 429 37 046


1 952 668 1 716 302 31 443 13 230 35 765 144 128 3 639 8 161

1) in 2001 also includes previous people´s housing cooperatives (LBD)
2) in 1991 and 2001 includes only building housing cooperatives (SBD)

On 26 March 2021, the Capital City of Prague had by far the lowest share of occupied houses owned by natural persons (68.3%) and, on the contrary, the highest shares of occupied houses co-owned by dwelling owners (22.0%), owned by other legal entities (5.3%) and housing cooperatives (3.0%). The highest relative share of occupied houses owned by municipalities and the state was reported by the Karlovarský region (2.5%). In the Středočeský and Zlínský regions, due to the significant prevalence of family houses, 92.3% of occupied housing stock for which the type of owner could be identified was owned by natural persons – the highest of all regions. In Prague and Moravskoslezký region, two out of five occupied houses were owned by housing cooperatives in Czechia.

State, Cohesion Region, Region, District, Administrative district of municipality with extended powers, Administrative district of the capital city of Praha, Municipality, City part

ULK ZLK VYS STČ PHA PLK PAK OLK MSK LBK HKK KVK JHM JHČ Počet mužů na 100 žen (index maskulinity) 94,0 97,7 99,0
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